Are UPS batteries safe to use?

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UPS means uninterrupted power supply is a device that provides continuous power to the computer in the event of power failure. UPS battery is also referred by the name battery backup.

UPS protects the computer from voltage fluctuation and deviations. Two common types of systems are in use in recent days – standby UPS and the continuous UPS. It is the device that is used primarily to provide the backup power source to the parts in the computer, the monitor and any other device that is plugged into the battery backup.

UPS devices come in many shapes and sizes but are mostly rectangular and are such that they are capable of sitting on the floor near the computer. They are bulky because of the battery stored inside them.

These UPS batteries inside the UPS provide power to the devices plugged into it when there is failure of power at the respective outlet. These batteries are rechargeable and are easily replaceable, thus rendering robust and long term solution to keeping the computer system running.

UPS are safe for your computer as it protects the computer from sudden power fluctuation and voltage changes. Charging of UPS batteries can be done with the aid of power supply. AC power from the normal supply is converted into DC power with the help of rectifiers and filters and then saved to the battery. And when the power failure occur this DC power in the UPS is converted back to the AC power using inverters which is used for computer power supply. So UPS works on the principle of converting AC to DC and retaining the power for the required time and then converting it back to AC to use on power failure.

There are many companies in India manufacturing best UPS batteries. Now a million dollar question is UPS safe to use?

UPS is a standby device and it prevents the corrupting of data when there is power failure. In case of power failure it provides immediate power supply to your computer due to which your unsaved data can be saved and also it prevents corrupting of hard disk due to sudden power cut. Also other software troubles and issues that arise with sudden power cuts are also done away supply of with UPS.

Using UPS will act as a shield in case of continuous power outage and protects your important files and documents. It also provides good amount of time to shut down your computer properly in case there is power cut and UPS can save the computer’s internal chips and electronic circuits from any sort of voltage fluctuations.

So to prevent important unsaved information from losing in the event of power failure and to prevent bad sectors to get formed in your hard disk and to ensure long life span of your computer UPS is necessary and is safe to use.

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