Electric Rickshaws : Now from China to India

If you thought that only Chinese toys and electronic devices were the only thing that were being sold in India then think again. Chinese electric rickshaws are hitting the Indian market and how.

With fuel prices reaching newer highs every month, it seems only befitting for these rickshaws running on an electrically charged battery to take to the roads. It is high time that we found an alternative to CNG, petrol and diesel.

Eyeing the huge potential market, many Chinese companies are lining up electric rickshaws which can further we converted into auto with addition of a roof. Most of these rickshaws are priced to be anywhere between Rs 40,000 to 80,000 which are comparatively must cheaper than cycle rickshaws.

These autos are going to be much for viable from a financial perspective to the rickshaw drivers in India. Majority of the Indian population still banks upon rickshaws for commuting. With the spike in CNG prices, it makes sense even for the drivers to buy these one-time investment vehicles. These vehicles will be easy for the poor to maintain. From an environmental point of view, they will emit lesser carbon dioxide. These vehicles require no fuel at all for power just charging for a specific duration to run the whole day.

Many Shanghai centred companies like Romai Electric vehicles have already entered Kerala’s market with this line of electric rickshaws to replace their carbon fuel counterparts. The general feeling in India is that we switch over to eco-friendly transportation for good.

The electric rickshaw battery will range from 60 to 1000W in the market. Soon, only those over 200Watts autos shall make it to India. Now that the Chinese companies have got the nod from the Indian Transportation authorities, these electric rickshaws will be a common sight in all metropolitan cities.

Many drivers in Delhi have also made the switch to electric rickshaws. These drivers charge the electric rickshaw daily and it suffices a drive for a minimum of 80kms. These electric rickshaw batteries consume around 8 to 10 units of electricity and cost them around Rs60-70 daily. Considering that these drivers make 400 to 600 on an average basis, the monthly profit for them seems to be working in their favour.

Delhi soon plans to start a pilot project at the Chattarpur metro station, development for which has already began. Electric rickshaws are cheaper to operate and 4 people can sit at once. So the fare charged much lesser than any other mode of transport. The Indian Government is making changes accordingly to set up charging points for these rickshaws at many rickshaw stands. Given the fact that most cycle rickshaws have created a nuisance for the traffic in India, suggestions are being made for special by lanes for these vehicles.

The reason why everyone Love SMF Battery

Sealed maintenance free battery or SMF batteries are sealed completely and thus there is no need to add water. It has electrolyte that is used in the form of gel that fills the cavity of the plates.These batteries have become every person’s favorite as they come with outstanding features:
1. Sealed maintenance free: As these batteries are sealed there is no need for checking its electrolyte level and topping all through its life. Sealed construction ensures no leakage and seepage of electrolyte from terminal or casting. So they are maintenance free batteries.

2. Free from orientation issues: The sealed construction with immobilized electrolyte allows the battery to be installed in any position, horizontal, vertical and this does not even affect its performance.

3. Eco friendly: Nowadays environment threat has become major issue in all cases and SMF batteries have come with a boon of environment friendly attribute. Its unique gas recombination technology effectively cancels generation of gas during normal usage. This guarantees safe and clean environment.

4. Easy Handling and quick installation: It is light in weight and compact, thus easy to handle. Because of its modular construction it is easy to install and also very simple to connect and install.

5. Voltage drops to minimum: As this battery emits no gases or fumes, it can be placed along with UPS system or other electric equipment, ensuring minimal voltage drop between battery and equipment.

6. Ready to use: It is ready to use when installed and commissioned as it is available in fully charged condition. It does not require specially trained man power for installation and commission. There is also no delay between receipt and usage.

7. Long life: SMF batteries have long life span which further adds feather in their features and that which is loved by all. They have good service life.

8. Low self discharge: Self discharge is very low as compared to conventional flooded batteries and this increases the life of the battery. Self discharge is the phenomenon of batteries in which internal chemical reaction minimize the stored charged of the battery and decreases the shelf life of the battery and causes them to initially have less than full charge when actually put to use.

9. Robust charge retention and recovery: SMF batteries have special designs of plates and separators with an absolutely balanced electrolyte thus they have excellent robust charge retention and recovery.

10. Superior high rate discharge: As the internal resistance is low and recovery ability is high there is active material reactive interface that allows very high current for short and medium duration thus high rate of discharge.

11. Highly reliable: SMF batteries have robust construction and heavy duty design with superior corrosion resistant materials and thus are highly reliable.

12. No issues to health: Lead acid batteries emit harmful fumes when they are charged up and thus atmosphere gets polluted whereas in case of SMF batteries there are no such emissions thus causing no issues to health and environment.

13. Less chance of accidents or any untoward incident: SMF batteries do not spill electrolytes even when they are turned on and also they do not erode like flooded lead acid batteries and thus there is less chance of getting acid burns when handling

Greener battery technology by MIT scientists

Today technology has advanced to reach sky limits. Newer techniques have been evolved to make our life easy and stress free. One such recent invention is of Greener battery by MIT scientists.

Also as pollution is becoming threat to environment, every new invention is tested whether it is environment friendly or not. A presidium of researchers at MIT has come up nature friendly method to generate electricity that harnesses heat without incorporating metal or toxic materials.

This invention is vital as most of the batteries that power everything from smart phones to computers are made of toxic materials like lithium which can be difficult to dispose off and have restricted global supply. Apart from this lithium is also profusely flammable.

The brain child behind this invention is Michael Strano, the experienced scientist of MIT who found that wire made from tiny cylinders of carbon known as carbon nano tubes can produce an electrical current when it is progressively heated from one end to the other in the same manner as one holds the fuse.

When the pulse of heat pushes the electrons through bundle of carbon nano tubes, the effect is seen as the carbon nano tubes that carry the electrons look like surfers riding the wave. Stran and his team of scientists have gone one step ahead and raised this efficiency more than a thousand fold. In other words they have produced devices that can put out power in sync to that the today’s best batteries generate.

This invention has bought laboratory technology to be within the striking distance of other portable energy technologies like lithium – ion batteries or fuel cells. The device has been experimented on simple electronic devices like LED light which revealed that it is robust enough to power the LED light.

A feather in the cap is that the greener batteries have indefinite shelf life whereas the batteries lose power if they are stored for longer period of time and this makes these batteries beneficial for deep space probe uses where the probe remains dormant for many years as it travels to a distant planet and then requires quick burst of power to send back the data the moment it reaches the desired destination.

Also as per the scientists the newer system of greener batteries is very scalable for use in increasingly tiny wearable devices whereas batteries and fuel cells have certain drawbacks that make them difficult to shrink them to tiny sizes. In fact the scale of these new batteries is unique.

Scientists view this invention as an important demonstration of increasing the energy and lifetime of thermo power based systems and this step makes the technology more applicable for real time applications. This new way of tapping energy by MIT scientists is surely going to give new dimension to all the battery driven appliances.

How to take care of motor cycle batteries?

Taking good care of motorcycle batteries will enable you to maximize its use for a long period of time. It is important to keep motorcycle batteries in the best possible condition. Having good and properly maintained battery will help to prevent your motorcycle from having any performance related damages. Some of the most vital aspects one should consider when it comes to take care of motorcycle batteries.

Inspecting and Monitoring at Frequent Intervals:

First and foremost thing is that you inspect and monitor your motorcycle batteries at regular intervals so that you can judge and calculate if they are working well or not. Cleaning them with proper materials also prevents corrosion. And this very corrosion can lead to harmful damages to the motorcycle. Do not allow any kind of dirt to develop or build up on any part of the motorcycle.

Check the Connectors

Another important thing is to check the connectors once in a while. Cleaning them properly is the vital aspect and make sure that they are attached properly as loose connections can lead to problem concerning your motorcycle’s performance. Bike will not get started immediately if the connections are loose and therefore it is impertinent to make sure that all the connections are tight.

Check the water levels

Always make sure that your batteries have normal water level for them to function properly. Check the water levels at least once a week. Only distilled water should be used as other types of water have lot of different chemicals and also see to it that water that you make use has no trace of harmful impurities.

Check for battery leakage

Check if there is any sort of leakage in the battery. As such leaks can hamper and cause damage to the internal parts of your motorcycle which in turn can cause rusting. This prevents in normal functioning of your bike. So it is utmost necessary to check leaks at frequent intervals.

If your motorcycle battery is Trontek, India’s leading brand then it is completely reliable and has high performance efficiency. The company’s SMF batteries has unique attributes that makes it the best in the market-

  • Fully maintenance free operation
  • No leakage, no spills and no need to check water
  • Most powerful and has highest amp power capacity
  • Longest life span
  • High cell compression and fibreglass mat separators, the life of the battery is extended.
  • High level vibration resistance from extreme road conditions and engine abuse.

All the above features provide extended life time for your motor cycles. The Trontek motorcycle batteries are architected with lead calcium alloy and absorbed glass mat technology to render total maintenance free operation.

Best E-rickshaw batteries in India

With increasing awareness of pollution, government is enforcing pollution free vehicles on roads and E-rickshaw is one such vehicle that is getting more encouragement by not only the government but is also by the general public.

Considering its growing importance many battery suppliers have geared up in manufacturing E-rickshaw batteries and here is the list of best battery in India

  • Okaya: Okaya is one of leading brands in the arena of batteries and Okaya being the major player in battery domain, commits to serve the user in the best quality E-rickshaw battery using latest technology. All the Okaya batteries are designed to enhance comfort level of the users and enrich them with reliable, long lasting and efficient batteries.
    The batteries are designed in tune to remark all important points that are connected with users and their requirements. High mileage, low maintenance and long life are aspects what the users gets after using Okaya E-batteries and thus is the most trusted and sought after brand in the domain.


  • Amaron: The next bigger player in the E-rickshaw battery domain is Amaron. Comprehending the varied desires of the clients, Amaron is instrumental in presenting a comprehensive range of e-rickshaw batteries. It comes with advantages like extended mileage, extra savings, eco friendly, SMF VRLA e-rickshaw batteries and more rides per charge. The batteries are tested for quality on various parameters prior to its final shipment to ensure its authenticity.


  • Trontek: One of India’s premiere importer and distributor, Trontek provides E- rickshaw batteries for newly introduced eco friendly rickshaws that are environment friendly. The company provides quality E- rickshaw batteries that have superior lasting value and capacity. With batteries being manufactured using high quality raw materials that are outsourced from Australia makes the batteries last long as compared to others.
    The batteries are safe and standardized in nature and can be charged up to 500 times while usage. The batteries are designed for smooth running and functioning of E-rickshaws. High capacity, Patent technology, stability, long run time, superior round tube to improve density and high performance enable the rickshaws to run longer and thus enable the user to get high value for money.


  • Exide: When one talks about batteries, Exide is the undisputed name that has been dominating the battery arena with its high quality and long performance batteries. It’s E-rickshaw batteries has been specially designed with rock bottom research to give optimum performance and benefit to the user. It’s unique feature ensure maximum performance that in turn brings better savings for the owner. Longer battery life, more powerful, low maintenance, anti spillage and advanced technology makes this battery most preferred choice by many E-rickshaw owners.
    Battery also comes with bottom lock shock absorber that locks part of the battery and increases life cycle and safety. Battery lid is designed with patented Omega technology to prevent spillage of electrolyte. Double clad separation to make battery vibration resistant and magic eye for determining state of charge are the most unique features that makes this battery stand apart from its competing counterparts.


  • Microtex: Ultra fresh E- rickshaw batteries are the answer to e –rickshaw manufacturers requirement of steady source of supply. Built with research and experience, the battery is strong and is designed to giving huge savings to the owner. It is designed for long distances with low maintenance. The battery has outstanding features like fast recharge  capacity, high performance, low resistance, easy maintenance, anti spillage and has proper charging and discharge.

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