Electric Rickshaws : Now from China to India

e Tricycle Battery

If you thought that only Chinese toys and electronic devices were the only thing that were being sold in India then think again. Chinese electric rickshaws are hitting the Indian market and how.

With fuel prices reaching newer highs every month, it seems only befitting for these rickshaws running on an electrically charged battery to take to the roads. It is high time that we found an alternative to CNG, petrol and diesel.

Eyeing the huge potential market, many Chinese companies are lining up electric rickshaws which can further we converted into auto with addition of a roof. Most of these rickshaws are priced to be anywhere between Rs 40,000 to 80,000 which are comparatively must cheaper than cycle rickshaws.

These autos are going to be much for viable from a financial perspective to the rickshaw drivers in India. Majority of the Indian population still banks upon rickshaws for commuting. With the spike in CNG prices, it makes sense even for the drivers to buy these one-time investment vehicles. These vehicles will be easy for the poor to maintain. From an environmental point of view, they will emit lesser carbon dioxide. These vehicles require no fuel at all for power just charging for a specific duration to run the whole day.

Many Shanghai centred companies like Romai Electric vehicles have already entered Kerala’s market with this line of electric rickshaws to replace their carbon fuel counterparts. The general feeling in India is that we switch over to eco-friendly transportation for good.

The electric rickshaw battery will range from 60 to 1000W in the market. Soon, only those over 200Watts autos shall make it to India. Now that the Chinese companies have got the nod from the Indian Transportation authorities, these electric rickshaws will be a common sight in all metropolitan cities.

Many drivers in Delhi have also made the switch to electric rickshaws. These drivers charge the electric rickshaw daily and it suffices a drive for a minimum of 80kms. These electric rickshaw batteries consume around 8 to 10 units of electricity and cost them around Rs60-70 daily. Considering that these drivers make 400 to 600 on an average basis, the monthly profit for them seems to be working in their favour.

Delhi soon plans to start a pilot project at the Chattarpur metro station, development for which has already began. Electric rickshaws are cheaper to operate and 4 people can sit at once. So the fare charged much lesser than any other mode of transport. The Indian Government is making changes accordingly to set up charging points for these rickshaws at many rickshaw stands. Given the fact that most cycle rickshaws have created a nuisance for the traffic in India, suggestions are being made for special by lanes for these vehicles.

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