How to prevent your car batteries from Damage?

Are you going to buy a car? Remember it is not just the car price you have to pay; there are a few costs that you need to accept on the life of the car. Your car will need oil change twice a year, wear and tear on tires, headlights go out, and most importantly the car batteries don’t last forever.

However, if you look at a few things on car battery care, you can make them last longer. Here we discuss about the important ways on how to prevent your car batteries from damage.

Turn out the lights

Well, this is the most common reason making car batteries die faster. And, this is the easiest way to save car battery too. Turning lights on in the car kills the battery life, so you are advised to quick check the car before you leave.

Turn off your headlights, interior light, etc and ensure that you have closed doors and trunk. If doors are kept opened, they may turn lights on and you will return to a dead car. Also, check to see how many electric devices you have connected to the car as they will eat up your battery. Hence, turn off things that you are not using in order to save your battery from damage.

Clean the posts of car battery

This is the most essential thing you can do for preventing your battery from damage. You can clean the posts using a few steps and each depends upon the existing capacity of your battery. You can prevent your batteries from corroding if you provide them with regular cleaning.

You can simply remove the signs of corroding, such as by using a mix of baking soda and water into a paste and putting it on the posts. Keep it for around 45 minutes and then scrub with a toothbrush. Use a damp towel to wipe it down.

You can clean the battery posts using a can of cola. Pour cola on the batteries; cola includes elements that erode grime and soil. Leave soda for stop bubbling and wipe it off with a cloth.

Another way to clean your car batteries is to tape a coin to it and the dirt will move from the posts to the coin. Use petrolatum jelly on the posts to keep it away from corrosion.

Stay out of extreme temperature

You need to leave your car in cold climate for a long time, so in that situation, remove the battery and keep it warm. Cold climate can freeze the battery chemicals and thereby cause major damage. Hence, remove car batteries when you go out in the cold weather.

To conclude, try these different, simple ways to prevent your battery from damage. Over heating car batteries, such as driving car in high heat is not good for any part of the vehicle. The rule of thumb is to keep away from the heat for the whole health of your car.

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