How to take care of motor cycle batteries?

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Taking good care of motorcycle batteries will enable you to maximize its use for a long period of time. It is important to keep motorcycle batteries in the best possible condition. Having good and properly maintained battery will help to prevent your motorcycle from having any performance related damages. Some of the most vital aspects one should consider when it comes to take care of motorcycle batteries.

Inspecting and Monitoring at Frequent Intervals:

First and foremost thing is that you inspect and monitor your motorcycle batteries at regular intervals so that you can judge and calculate if they are working well or not. Cleaning them with proper materials also prevents corrosion. And this very corrosion can lead to harmful damages to the motorcycle. Do not allow any kind of dirt to develop or build up on any part of the motorcycle.

Check the Connectors

Another important thing is to check the connectors once in a while. Cleaning them properly is the vital aspect and make sure that they are attached properly as loose connections can lead to problem concerning your motorcycle’s performance. Bike will not get started immediately if the connections are loose and therefore it is impertinent to make sure that all the connections are tight.

Check the water levels

Always make sure that your batteries have normal water level for them to function properly. Check the water levels at least once a week. Only distilled water should be used as other types of water have lot of different chemicals and also see to it that water that you make use has no trace of harmful impurities.

Check for battery leakage

Check if there is any sort of leakage in the battery. As such leaks can hamper and cause damage to the internal parts of your motorcycle which in turn can cause rusting. This prevents in normal functioning of your bike. So it is utmost necessary to check leaks at frequent intervals.

If your motorcycle battery is Trontek, India’s leading brand then it is completely reliable and has high performance efficiency. The company’s SMF batteries has unique attributes that makes it the best in the market-

  • Fully maintenance free operation
  • No leakage, no spills and no need to check water
  • Most powerful and has highest amp power capacity
  • Longest life span
  • High cell compression and fibreglass mat separators, the life of the battery is extended.
  • High level vibration resistance from extreme road conditions and engine abuse.

All the above features provide extended life time for your motor cycles. The Trontek motorcycle batteries are architected with lead calcium alloy and absorbed glass mat technology to render total maintenance free operation.

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