Life saving tips for your car battery

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Batteries drain fast. Same is true with car batteries if they are not put to use properly or they are not taken care of. If one takes care of car batteries by maintaining it regularly one can prolong the life span of the battery on one hand and on the other one can enhance its performance, efficiency thus saving time and money.

Following are the tips to save car battery and to reduce the risk of experiencing a flat battery thus maximizing the potential life of the battery:

  1. Drive the vehicle regularly: Any machine that is not used on regular basis gets retarded over the period of time. In other words one has to make use of it regularly to get optimum performance of the battery. In other words leaving the vehicle for longer period of duration will affect the battery’s charge. To maintain the required level of charge in the battery one has to make sure that the car is regularly driven.


  1. Service the engine regularly: Poor condition of the condition will affect the battery life. It will overload the battery and minimize the life. Regular service to engine will not only increase the speed of the vehicle but also will catapult the life of the battery.


  1. Inspect the battery charging rate: Having charging rate checked at regular intervals will improve the life of the battery. Both under and over charging will reduce car battery life.


  1. Avoid draining: Avoid leaving the vehicle accessories on as it will discharge the battery which will require recharge and frequent recharging may shorten the life of the car battery.


  1. Keep the car battery case spic and span: It is good to keep the car battery clean as dirt and dampness can damage the battery case and may cause the battery to lose change. Ensure the case and terminals are monitored and cleaned during every major service.


  1. Secure the car battery: Check the battery is secure at all times as vibrations can deter and damage the plates of the battery. Also examine the battery terminals regularly as loose connections can cause breakdowns.


  1. Do not jump down the flat battery: In modern cars if one attempt to jump starts the flat battery of the car, the electronics will get damaged.


  1. Cover the battery: If there is some extra space around the battery it is advisable to install an insulation blanket. The plastic sheet will keep the battery warm during winters and cool during summers and this will extend its life. In case you are planning to buy a new car batter go for smaller sized one as you can fit the blanker around it.


  1. Keep it charged: Keep the battery charged to full as possible. Sometimes battery gets depleted during hot summers when one just sits without starting the car and also during cold winters if you do not start the car for days together. Then in that case highway driving will aid in charging up your battery.

Apart from above tips keeping good quality charger to charge the battery from time to time will aid in increasing its life span.


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