Lithium-ion Solar Street Light

Solar-powered intelligence at light speed

Our solar street lights will brighten your spaces while reducing your energy costs. Its commercial- grade build and design give it a longer life, and once installed, you will be free from stress for years to come. The intelligent system integrated into lights dims it when there is no movement within the immediate vicinity.

Morning To Night Function


  • During Day Time: The battery charges through the solar panel and all LEDs are switched off.
  • During Evening: As the sun goes down, all the LEDs are switched on automatically, lighting up the area.
  • During Night: The moment motion sensors detect movement, all LEDs glow at 100% brightness. If there is no movement for more than 16 seconds, the LEDs will reduce its brightness by 33% thereby resulting in higher backup.


Features and Advantages

Smart MPPT Controller

MPPT is a highly efficient rate for solar charge controller which is independently designed by Trontek. It generates more power, especially during the cloudy and rainy seasons.

Motion Detection

Trontek's built-in passive infrared motion detection is an intelligent battery management system. It automatically regulates the brightness of the light. Dials it up to 100% when a movement is detected or dims it to 33% when there is no one around.

Bluetooth Remote Control

Trontek offers optional remote control to manage ON/OFF, dimming, and health checks of LED fittings.

LED Light

Trontek LED luminaires deliver the best-in-class lumen efficacy. Light gives the maximum light output at a lower wattage.

No Cables Required

Completely wireless operation as the entire luminaire set-up is powered by solar energy. It is easy to install and requires minimal maintenance.

Adjustable Mounting Bracket

Adjustable Mounting Bracket helps position the solar panel at the most desirable angles, for maximum absorption of sunshine in varying topography.

How does “All in One Solar Street Light” work?
During the day, the light will switch off automatically to recharge using the solar panels
Light will work at full brightness for the first 4 hours of the night and dim to 33% power if there is no movement within its vicinity
If any motion is detected within 12 meters of radius of the streetlight, it will glow at 100% brightness for 2 minutes.