Lithium-ion Solar Street Light

Morning To Night Function


  • During Day Time : The battery charges through the solar panel and all LEDs are switched off.
  • During Evening : as the sun goes down, all the LEDs are switched on automacally, lighting up the area.
  • During Night : The moment motion sensors detect movement, all LEDs glow at 100% brightness. If there is NO MOVEMENT for more than 16 seconds, the LEDs will reduce to 33%, resulting in heighr backup.


Product Name Li1 Li2 Li3 Li4 Li5 Li6
Rating (W) 4 9 15 30 40 50
Peak Lux 12@4m 21@4m 31@4m 37@5m 37@6m 37@7m
No of LED 3 3 3 6 9 12
Dimming NA 2 stage 3 stage 3 stage 3 stage 3 stage
Motion Sensor NA NA NA Yes Yes Yes
Battery (WH) 38.5 77 77 154 154 231
Solar Panel 14W 26W 35W 50W 60W 75W
GSM option NA NA NA Yes Yes NA

All in one Solar Street Light

TRONTEK is one of the pioneers to manufacture “All in One Solar Street Light” in India. This product is tested and approved as per MNRE guidelines.

Features and Advantages

Smart MPPT Controller

MPPT is high efficient rate for solar charge controller which independently designed by Trontek. It generates more power especially during cloudy and rainy season.

Solar PV Module

High efficient Mono / Multi Solar Modules are used for longer durability. Trontek solar panels are certified by MNRE, TUV IEC61215, 61730.

Motion Detection

Trontek built in passive infrared motion detection system that automatically regulates the light power output full brightness 100% to dim mode 33% to increase battery autonomy.

Bluetooth Remote Control

Trontek offers optional remote control which enables to manage ON/OFF, dimming and health check of LED fittings.

LED Light

Trontek LED luminaries delivers the best in class lumen efficacy. Light gives the maximum light output at lower wattage.

No Cables Required

You do not need any cables for any connection to get grid power because its solar powered and user friendly products for easy installation.

Adjustable Mounting Bracket

Adjustable Mounting Bracket helps the solar panel positioned a best angle to fully absorb sunshine in different longitude and latitude areas.

Working for All in One Solar LED Street Light
During day time light switch to auto off for charging through solar panel.
Light will glow in full bright mode for first 4 Hrs. at night and then it will come to 33% power & motion sensor will activate for detection ofmotion.
If any motion is detected in 12 Mtr. area around the light, it will glow in full bright mode for 2 mins.