Lead Acid Batteries

Trontek range of Batteries are completely maintenance free with world class technology which ensures the battery you use matches the best global standards. Trontek range of batteries are produced at a state of the art battery manufacturing facility using advanced AGM VRLA technologies. It has a long float and cyclic life span, high specific energy and low self discharge rate. Trontek batteries are completely leak proof as it has excellent anti-corossion properties which helps to perform flawlessly in various temperatures. Trontek batteries is designed for life of 5 to 10 years depending on the model Trontek understands the criticality and importance of on time warranty service. Trontek range of batteries has 12* months warranty with warranty replacements available across India.

Trontek Rechargeable Battery
Industrial Batteries

We offer a wide array of best batteries in India that are maintenance free and long durable in service. You will find high-rate, non-spillable Trontek batteries designed for all mission-critical applications and 100% satisfaction.

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motorcycle battery
Motorcycle Batteries

Maintenance-free, high performance, valve regulated lead acid equipped batteries. Enjoy the smooth ride with our range of motorcycle batteries. We provide most powerful, highest ampere hour capacity, longest cycle-life product on the market.

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Low Maintenance
E-Rickshaw Batteries

We provide E-Rickshaw Batteries for the eco-friendly rickshaws, which have a superior lasting value and capacity. These batteries are manufactured with high quality raw material for excellent performance and have high safety, stability and long run time.

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e-bike battery india
E-Bike Batteries

With lifespan of more than 2000 recharging cycles under normal operations, Trontek offers safe and reliable e-bike batteries with high end consistency. Our products carry no explosion or burning risk as they conforms to international standard safety norms.

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