Lithium Ion Batteries

LIEV series power storage batteries are international advanced level of NCM of lithium battery material and battery power system. These batteries give high energy density, ultra long cycle life and excellent charging and discharging performance.

Lithium Ion For Electric Vehicles

New generation of very safe and highly reliable green power supply. Based on the latest battery management system (BMS), these batteries are specially designed for today’s modern Electric Vehicles.

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Lithium Ion For Solar

Lithium Ion batteries are the best option for a solar panel system. These are smart solutions for today’s modern age as they last long and are light compared to conventional products. With extra efficiency, in the long run they turn out economical.

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Lithium Ion For Other Applications

Lithium Ion has the potential for wide use in other applications with lower lifetime requirements, owing to it’s major advantage of good Weight to Capacity ratio. These batteries can undergo ultra rapid recharging with low self discharge.

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