Lithium Ion For Electric Vehicles

Lithium Ion Electric Vehicle (LIEV) series power storage battery, is an international advanced level of NCM of lithium battery material and power system. With high energy density, ultra long cycle life, excellent charging and discharging performance, good temperature performance, a new generation of high safety and high reliable green power supply. This series of batteries is based on the latest battery management system (BMS) and is specially designed for electric vehicles.

E bike

E-Bike Models

Best quality about our lithium E-Bike batteries is that they have more depth of discharge. They have high energy density with deeper use of stored energy, thus providing more useable energy than lead.

Our batteries will give you trouble free service and are equipped with Over Discharge protection. A better and green source of power than lead-acid, these products are good for the environment also.

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E Car Battery

E-Car Models

Lithium-ion batteries have higher energy densities than conventional lead-acid products, so though they are smaller in size they still ensure that in the same charge user can drive an even greater distance.

Safe and highly reliable high energy density battery is achieved with the use of NMC of lithium battery material. With good temperature performance, this battery is based on latest BMS, specially designed for Electric Vehicles.

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E Rickshaw

E-Rickshaw Models

With improved longevity, charging efficiency and high energy density, these batteries give greater driving range and substantially less weight compared to conventional products. This battery range is highly safe, reliable and durable.

Our range of products give you a perfect option of replacing your old obsolete battery storage systems with these ultra modern and energy efficient products, that are great for the environment too.

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