Best E-rickshaw batteries in India

With increasing awareness of pollution, government is enforcing pollution free vehicles on roads and E-rickshaw is one such vehicle that is getting more encouragement by not only the government but is also by the general public.

Considering its growing importance many battery suppliers have geared up in manufacturing E-rickshaw batteries and here is the list of best battery in India

  • Okaya: Okaya is one of leading brands in the arena of batteries and Okaya being the major player in battery domain, commits to serve the user in the best quality E-rickshaw battery using latest technology. All the Okaya batteries are designed to enhance comfort level of the users and enrich them with reliable, long lasting and efficient batteries.
    The batteries are designed in tune to remark all important points that are connected with users and their requirements. High mileage, low maintenance and long life are aspects what the users gets after using Okaya E-batteries and thus is the most trusted and sought after brand in the domain.


  • Amaron: The next bigger player in the E-rickshaw battery domain is Amaron. Comprehending the varied desires of the clients, Amaron is instrumental in presenting a comprehensive range of e-rickshaw batteries. It comes with advantages like extended mileage, extra savings, eco friendly, SMF VRLA e-rickshaw batteries and more rides per charge. The batteries are tested for quality on various parameters prior to its final shipment to ensure its authenticity.


  • Trontek: One of India’s premiere importer and distributor, Trontek provides E- rickshaw batteries for newly introduced eco friendly rickshaws that are environment friendly. The company provides quality E- rickshaw batteries that have superior lasting value and capacity. With batteries being manufactured using high quality raw materials that are outsourced from Australia makes the batteries last long as compared to others.
    The batteries are safe and standardized in nature and can be charged up to 500 times while usage. The batteries are designed for smooth running and functioning of E-rickshaws. High capacity, Patent technology, stability, long run time, superior round tube to improve density and high performance enable the rickshaws to run longer and thus enable the user to get high value for money.


  • Exide: When one talks about batteries, Exide is the undisputed name that has been dominating the battery arena with its high quality and long performance batteries. It’s E-rickshaw batteries has been specially designed with rock bottom research to give optimum performance and benefit to the user. It’s unique feature ensure maximum performance that in turn brings better savings for the owner. Longer battery life, more powerful, low maintenance, anti spillage and advanced technology makes this battery most preferred choice by many E-rickshaw owners.
    Battery also comes with bottom lock shock absorber that locks part of the battery and increases life cycle and safety. Battery lid is designed with patented Omega technology to prevent spillage of electrolyte. Double clad separation to make battery vibration resistant and magic eye for determining state of charge are the most unique features that makes this battery stand apart from its competing counterparts.


  • Microtex: Ultra fresh E- rickshaw batteries are the answer to e –rickshaw manufacturers requirement of steady source of supply. Built with research and experience, the battery is strong and is designed to giving huge savings to the owner. It is designed for long distances with low maintenance. The battery has outstanding features like fast recharge  capacity, high performance, low resistance, easy maintenance, anti spillage and has proper charging and discharge.

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