The reason why everyone Love SMF Battery

Sealed maintenance free battery or SMF batteries are sealed completely and thus there is no need to add water. It has electrolyte that is used in the form of gel that fills the cavity of the plates.These batteries have become every person’s favorite as they come with outstanding features:
1. Sealed maintenance free: As these batteries are sealed there is no need for checking its electrolyte level and topping all through its life. Sealed construction ensures no leakage and seepage of electrolyte from terminal or casting. So they are maintenance free batteries.

2. Free from orientation issues: The sealed construction with immobilized electrolyte allows the battery to be installed in any position, horizontal, vertical and this does not even affect its performance.

3. Eco friendly: Nowadays environment threat has become major issue in all cases and SMF batteries have come with a boon of environment friendly attribute. Its unique gas recombination technology effectively cancels generation of gas during normal usage. This guarantees safe and clean environment.

4. Easy Handling and quick installation: It is light in weight and compact, thus easy to handle. Because of its modular construction it is easy to install and also very simple to connect and install.

5. Voltage drops to minimum: As this battery emits no gases or fumes, it can be placed along with UPS system or other electric equipment, ensuring minimal voltage drop between battery and equipment.

6. Ready to use: It is ready to use when installed and commissioned as it is available in fully charged condition. It does not require specially trained man power for installation and commission. There is also no delay between receipt and usage.

7. Long life: SMF batteries have long life span which further adds feather in their features and that which is loved by all. They have good service life.

8. Low self discharge: Self discharge is very low as compared to conventional flooded batteries and this increases the life of the battery. Self discharge is the phenomenon of batteries in which internal chemical reaction minimize the stored charged of the battery and decreases the shelf life of the battery and causes them to initially have less than full charge when actually put to use.

9. Robust charge retention and recovery: SMF batteries have special designs of plates and separators with an absolutely balanced electrolyte thus they have excellent robust charge retention and recovery.

10. Superior high rate discharge: As the internal resistance is low and recovery ability is high there is active material reactive interface that allows very high current for short and medium duration thus high rate of discharge.

11. Highly reliable: SMF batteries have robust construction and heavy duty design with superior corrosion resistant materials and thus are highly reliable.

12. No issues to health: Lead acid batteries emit harmful fumes when they are charged up and thus atmosphere gets polluted whereas in case of SMF batteries there are no such emissions thus causing no issues to health and environment.

13. Less chance of accidents or any untoward incident: SMF batteries do not spill electrolytes even when they are turned on and also they do not erode like flooded lead acid batteries and thus there is less chance of getting acid burns when handling

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