“We are emerging as a game changer in empowering a sustainable future with the highest performance and safest batteries for electric vehicles, homes, and critical applications”.

Trontek products, systems and services are meeting the needs of customers and society in industrial, as well as the consumer infrastructure markets. With the evolving needs, we are currently expanding our battery devices business beyond the borders, with the goal of creating new businesses and a strong chain of satisfied clients in the power industry.

In the automotive battery segment, we supply lithium-ion batteries with a proven track record for a wide range of vehicle models for plug-in hybrid vehicles and electric vehicles. For industrial applications, we continue to build on the reputation of our EV charging stations, points and chargers and finally a high-yielding battery systems that integrate solar cells.

Today, Trontek is armed with forward-looking, superior technologies and a dedicated workforce. We are committed to rapid growth in the global marketplace and consistent profitability in these increasingly competitive fields, at home and in the world.

Samrath kocchar
Managing Director
Trontek Electronics Pvt. Ltd.

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