Lithium-ion batteries for MHE

Powering the intralogistics of tomorrow, today

Trontek delivers next generation efficiency for all kinds of Material Handling Equipment. Our Lithium-ion batteries are manufactured to offer excellent return on investments, consistent power delivery & fast charging capabilities.

Fit for multiple applications & MHEs

Class I
Electric Motor Rider Trucks are loading/unloading tractor - trailers. They are used primarily for handling pallets.
Class II
Electric Motor Narrow Aisle Trucks operate in tight spaces, handling pallets and picking storing inventory.
Class III
Electric Motor Hand Trucks or Hand/Tider Trucks are used for unloading deliveries from tractors-trailers; they often do short runs in smaller spaces.
Sweepers & Scrubbers (Drop-In Solution)
Floor sweepers and cleaners for heavy duty cleaning applications are generally used on hard floors such as concrete, asphalt, and others.
Ground Support Equipment (GSE)
GSE is defined as all off-road equipment used on the aircraft. Airport Ground Support Equipment includes push back tugs, baggage and cargo tractors, carts, lifts, forklifts, ground power units, air conditioning units, and belt loaders.
Automatic guided vehicles (AGVs)
AGVs are autonomous vehicles used to transport materials or accomplish specific tasks in many different industrial settings- such as manufacturing and product assembly. warehouse, material handling, food and beverage, etc.

Lithium-ion Batteries for MHE

Minimal or no voltage drop throughout the whole shift.

Lead Acid Battery

Lithium-ion Battery

Higher voltage battery is more efficient

Why Lithium-ion
Superior Performance
  • Fast lifting and travel speeds at all levels of discharge
  • Single battery operation
  • Service life > 3000 cycles
  • Fast charge (2 hours or less)
  • No "Memory" efffect
Safety and Sustainability
  • Reduce carbon footprint*
  • No hazardous fumes or acid spills*
  • Eliminate battery watering*
  • Eliminate battery changes at each shift*
Leading Edge Technology
  • Rapid expanding market
  • Big design advantage over the competition
  • Battery management system and telemetry
  • Wireless Capability
  • Remote trouble-shooting
Reduced Costs
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership*
  • 2-3X cycle life*
  • Zero daily maintenance*
  • Up to 15% saving on electricity bills*
  • Smaller battery, shorter trucks, narrower aisles, more available pallet positons*
  • Less lift truck component wear*

Versatile Product Line

  • First Class I,II and III lift trucks, Ground Support Equipment, Sweepers and Scrubbers, Personal Carriers
  • Trontek own charges and retrofit options

Focus on Material Handling Industry

  • Customized solution for nearly every truck make and model
  • Plug & Play seamless integration and compatibility with all truck models
  • Factory to Dealer support and service

Why Trontek

Li-ion Batteries save 30% and more in the course of 5 years